Where is Dr Kovac when you need him?

Today I had to go to Casualty! And not the ropey BBC TV programme, either. I managed to hack off the top of my thumb (NB: this may be a slight exaggeration employed for dramatic effect) while opening a parcel with a pair of scissors. At first I was too embarrassed to go to A&E with, essentially, a cut finger, but when it hadn’t stopped bleeding after an hour and a half, I was persuaded that I ought to go! So now I have a big stupid looking bandage on my thumb.

What makes it worse is that I have a job interview on Wednesday, and they are bound to ask me about it and I’ll have to say, “Er, yes, I’m so inept that I can’t even open a parcel without slicing off bits of me. Please employ me in a responsible position within your organisation.”


2 thoughts on “Where is Dr Kovac when you need him?

  1. That might be useful! I actually think the top of my thumb is going to fall off, it’s really quite gruesome. Must post some pictures of it!

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