many happy returns to me

Well, I have now turned 26 and it is beginning to hit home that one of these days I will actually turn 30. Which is quite scary.

I had a nice day on my birthday, I got lots of books and CDs and, astoundingly, a pair of diamond earrings from Dave! (Burglars please note that they are quite small diamonds and although they are very beautiful, I don’t think they are worth breaking into my house for.) We went out for dinner and then saw the operatta Die Fledermaus. I’d never been to an opera before and was surprised at how easy to follow it was.

Now playing the Tenacious D album, which is fantastic, although quite rude.

Merry Christmas everyone!

2 thoughts on “many happy returns to me

  1. Pointing out that it is four years until u r 30 does nothing for those of us that hit 30 in 6 months. Rotten moo.

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