A festive update

Christmas already feels like it was a long time ago, and I’ve still got another week off work! Christmas day was spent at Dave’s parent’s house, and went something like this:

  1. Wake up and open stocking containing chocolate Santa and, um, some other things. But a chocolate Santa! Feel that this is a pretty satisfactory start to the day.
  2. Go downstairs and open loads of presents, including the Beatles Let it Be – Naked and, brilliantly, High Society on DVD, which I have wanted for ages. The award for Person Most Chuffed with a Present goes to Dave’s sister’s fiancee, who gets a Gamecube and is v. happy.
  3. Spend more or less the rest of the day either eating, drinking or watching telly, apart from an ill-advised attempt at a game of Balderdash. Tip: scientists do not react well to games in which the idea is not to get the right answer.

The next day we had an unnecessarily exciting drive to my dad’s house, since the car had apparently gone in the huff at not being used for a day and was most reluctant to cooperate. We were met by my nieces hurtling through the door towards us, enormously excited about having, in effect, two Christmas days. There was some more present-opening, and I gained a Kylie CD and Scrabble. The de luxe version, obviously, as I am so posh. The kids seemed reasonably pleased with their presents, all of which had about a million pieces and took hours to build, as any decent child’s toy should.

Later in the evening assorted relatives turned up and there was some more eating and drinking, during which dad’s new Highland Park whisky took a bit of a battering. Eventually we navigated through the maze of toy post offices and Barbies to collapse into bed, having had a thoroughly enjoyable Christmas.

Only Hogmanay to go!

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