you get a free biscuit and everything

I’ve had a letter from the Blood Transfusion Service asking me to give blood as soon as possible. Supplies have dropped to a dangerously low level, and new donors are desperately needed. Unbelievably, only 6% of the population give blood, and yet it’s a quick and easy procedure which will help to save someone’s life. […]

Bum Deal

Citizens, your assistance is required. George W. Bush is apparently considering paying a visit to the UK (if he can find his way here), and one staunch Brit has come up with an excellent welcome plan for him: the “Bare your Bum at Bush“. Quite apart from the visual impact of thousands of people continually […]

freedom flies

Well, it’s been a fairly interesting few days. First and foremost, after six months of temping, I have succeeded in getting a permanent job! Typically enough, I actually ended up getting offered two jobs at the same time, which almost caused my poor little brain to explode with confusion, but I have accepted a job […]