a new toy for 2005

So Christmas has been and gone, and jolly good fun it was too. I was lucky enough to get lots of nice presents, including a digital camera, so look out for miscellaneous photos appearing soon! This morning, I decided to celebrate the festive season (and the fact that I’ve got a new job, which thankfully […]

Thank you Santa!

I was planning to write about ID cards tonight; about how they are a bad idea which won’t achieve any of the things they’re supposed to. But that can wait: instead, I intend to devote this blog to a celebration of an unexpected but very welcome Christmas present. I am of course referring to the […]

Hair wars: a new hope

Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement to make. Today, at around 10am UK time, a parcel was delivered to my desk containing something that I wanted very much; almost as much as I want an iBook, which is very very much indeed. Today, I became the owner of the Holy Grail of Hairstyling: a […]