Hair wars: a new hope

Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement to make. Today, at around 10am UK time, a parcel was delivered to my desk containing something that I wanted very much; almost as much as I want an iBook, which is very very much indeed. Today, I became the owner of the Holy Grail of Hairstyling: a set of GHD hair straighteners.

After yet another trip to the hairdressers where the stylist used them on my hair and I thought “Damn, my hair looks fab: if only I could do this at home”, I decided to do some Christmas shopping for myself. I went for the plain black ones, not the limited edition pink ones, and got them for the very reasonable price of £82.50 including postage. (Note to outraged male family members: they are usually £100, so these are A Bargain). I had a quick go with them this evening and initial impressions are good, although doing the back is a bit tricky. I’m going to get up early tomorrow and have a play with them: further reports soon!

3 thoughts on “Hair wars: a new hope

  1. You finally bought straighteners! Definitely worth paying for the good ones – my hairdresser uses GHD too. I think mine were sort of copies of those but pretty much the same price. Did you buy some hair rusk or protectant to put on before straightening?

  2. I didn’t use anything the first time I used them, although the instruction booklet does say you’re supposed to use the GHD hair oil. That seemed a bit pricey though so today I bought some Trevor Sorbie Heat Protection stuff and I will see how I get on with that. Still loving my straighteners!

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