a new toy for 2005

So Christmas has been and gone, and jolly good fun it was too. I was lucky enough to get lots of nice presents, including a digital camera, so look out for miscellaneous photos appearing soon! This morning, I decided to celebrate the festive season (and the fact that I’ve got a new job, which thankfully will not involve trundling up and down the M8 every day) by buying myself a present. Hence I am typing this in my living room, using my brand new iBook! Dave set up a wireless network and installed the Bluetooth adaptor, so not only can I blog anywhere in the house, I can also send text messages via my computer! It will take me a while to get used to a mac, having always been a PC user, but I’m looking forward to learning what my shiny new machine can do. The first thing I need to do is fix my website, as I’ve now discovered that it doesn’t display properly in Safari -somebody could have told me!

2 thoughts on “a new toy for 2005

  1. How does your site appear in Safari? I’m using iCab on OS8.6 and the site works ok, although the main navigation links appear as a vertical list rather than horizontal, and I think the blog comments appear adjacent to the left-hand margin rather than being more centred. That might just be iCab’s lukewarm implementation of CSS though.

  2. It looks like this in Safari. I’ll need to rewrite the site in PHP anyway: it’s currently written in ASP but that won’t work on a Mac. So that will be my project for the next few weeks.

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