The cost of Christmas present

In an unabashed display of greed, I have made a list of things which I would like for Christmas. To balance out this selfish act, here is a link to Oxfam’s gift catalogue, where you can buy practical presents for people far more deserving than I. Of course, ideally you’d do both, but the choice […]

somewhere beyond the sea

It was Dave’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, and as luck would have it, it was also the birthday of our friend Ewan. Ewan’s girlfriend Sarah and I decided to sneakily arrange a surprise weekend away for the four of us, so we booked the Beacon cottage in St Abbs. St Abbs is a […]

ID cards

No2ID is attempting to get as many signatures as possible for its petition against the government’s proposals to introduce ID cards. I’ve written before about how much of a bad idea I think these are – if you agree, then sign the petition.