Picture this

One of my favourite features on the BBC website is “The Day in Pictures”. It’s exactly what it says it is: a seemingly random assortment of pictures from all around the world, showing things that are happening on that day. Today, for example, there is a jaunty picture of an orang-utan in Argentina wearing a Santa Claus hat, a disturbing one of a white-faced protestor in Moscow who has been found guilty of disrupting the peace and a beautiful shot of a young shepherd in Northern Iraq. All photos which have absolutely no connection with each other, bar that they were taken on the same day.

What I love about the feature is that it presents little snapshots of life all over the world, pulling together images that would never normally be shown side by side. Often I find that in my day to day life I develop a very narrow focus, only concerned with work, home and family. It’s easy to forget that there’s a big wide world out there when you usually only see a tiny part of it. Looking at the Day in Pictures during my lunch hour makes me shift my focus, reminds me that there are millions of lives being lived all over the world, and gives me a little window onto other people’s realities.

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