Am I the only one who does this?

For Christmas, Dave gave me a great piano keyboard that plugs into my iBook and works with Garageband. After I’d finished trotting round Central Scotland visiting various friends and family members, I finally got it home and set it up. I found a useful website on learning to play the piano and, using that, began slowly picking out a few melodies. It was a very slow learning process: but within minutes, I was imagining myself as an accomplished pianist, thundering up and down the keyboard with ease, maybe hanging out with Jools Holland discussing technique.

I’m like this whenever I start doing anything: my mind won’t concentrate on the task in hand, preferring to shoot off into fantastic daydreams about what it might be like if I succeed at whatever I’m doing. Like if I’m filling in a job application: outwardly I’ve only got as far as writing my name on the form, but in my mind I’m already shaking hands with the boss and accepting the job. I can’t decide if this is a sign that I have a very positive attitude, or if it’s just a chronic inability to concentrate.

Is it just me, or do other people do this too?

One thought on “Am I the only one who does this?

  1. I wondered why i’m not able to close the cupboard without the piano/guitar/saxophone/violin falling out and hitting me on the head.

    Am convinced i will be accomplished star playing at least one of these instruments.

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