Moronic lowlife

This evening I got into my car to go to my exercise class. We only got the car recently and I love it: it’s a silver Ford Ka and is very friendly and easy to drive. So I got in, and noticed something crunchy under my bum, as well as a distinct wind whistling through the car. Yes – somebody had smashed my passenger window.

I am completely fuming about it. It just makes me so angry that someone deliberately chose to do this, for absolutely no reason at all, and now I’ve had to spend the evening cleaning glass out of the car and will have to fork out nearly a hundred quid to get the windscreen fixed. And I bet the person who did it thought it was hilarious, laughed for about a minute and has now forgotten all about it. I’m just so angry that I have to deal with the consequences of their actions.

On the bright side, I did speak to a lovely policeman who promised (somewhat unconvincingly) to increase the police presence in the area, told me not to take it personally, sympathised with me and, when he asked for my date of birth, wished me a happy forthcoming birthday! That made me feel a bit better. But not much.

2 thoughts on “Moronic lowlife

  1. Lowlifes indeed. Sorry to hear about it, Carolyn, you have my sympathies. Particularly because my Mum’s car window was smashed just recently too, while the car was sitting in the driveway. I think the only thing they stole was a purse of change for parking meters. And since it cost less than the excess on the insurance, she had to fork out as well. You’re right about the Ka though, it’s a wonderfully nippy wee thing.

    (Apologies if “nippy wee thing” isn’t as positive-sounding in Glasgow!)

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