Sunday, Sunday

I started today with a pile of homemade (by Dave) pancakes and a delicious Innocent smoothie. Having just completed my word quota for the day, I’m about to go for a walk to the shops and stock up on food for the week. Then we’re going to scrub down our newly uncovered floorboards in the […]

Winter pursuits

Outside the wind is howling and the rain has been battering down for hours. The streets are dark and wet, and wide puddles are forming that will get my boots dirty tomorrow. But for now, I’m cosy in the flat with the lights on, the gas fire burning for the first time this year, songs […]

I am being stalked by my alma mater

Glasgow University appears to have embarked on the most ruthless fundraising exercise I have ever come across. A few weeks ago, I got a letter telling me that a current student from the uni would shortly be telephoning me – it didn’t provide a number or email address that I could contact to opt out […]