2008 review of the year part two

With the year more than halfway gone, things took a quiet turn on kimire.com, partly because I was away in Finland at the start of the month. Towards the end of the month, I reflected on the perils of being moderately IT-literate, and also the irritance of over-enthusiastic headline writers. Oh, and a seventh house viewer came and went.

Personal highlight: Watching a nearby block of flats being dramatically demolished, and then fleeing from the resulting torrent of dust and smoke.

Kimire.com quote of the month:I am only an amateur geek, a part-timer whose skills are more lite than l33t. This doesn’t stop my colleagues from seeing me as a viable alternative to calling IT support.”

Another quiet month, largely because I spent half of it in Mallorca. Blogging subjects this month included the unpleasant news that MTV plans to remake the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Adam and Joe’s Quantum of Solace parodies, and the first sniff of the US presidential election. Apparently no-one viewed our flat this month, though we did drop the price again.

Personal highlight: The dawning realisation that the next President of the USA might actually be quite clever.

Kimire.com quote of the month: “Off on holiday. Please don’t burgle my house while I’m gone.”

The US elections were the clear theme of this month, with blogs on everything from Lindsay Lohan’s political views to the potential effects of Sarah Palin’s preferred policies, with plenty of Saturday Night Live, Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart ingenuity thrown in. In non-election news, a further reduction in the price of our flat prompted several viewers, but no offers.

Personal highlight: Dave’s legendary apple pie.

Kimire.com quote of the month: “This open letter to Sarah Palin from National Advocates for Pregnant Women is a startling read. It seems that in some states, the rights of a foetus are already held to outweigh those of its mother. If I lived in the US, this would make me afraid to get pregnant, since it apparently allows the state to take control of your body.”

We painted the living room. And still no-one bought the flat. In other news, I got an iPhone, mourned the fact that I’d watched the last episode of the West Wing, posted a photo of a giant Lego man and became further engrossed in the election.

Personal highlight: My brother’s wedding. A beautiful, moving and genuinely special day. Which, oddly, I didn’t blog about at all.

Kimire.com quote of the month: “The painting is now unstoppable, a tidal wave of magnolia emulsion that will shortly engulf us, and there’s not a lot we can do about it. Hopefully at least one of our viewers will come back for another look, if Gordon Brown can keep the economic lifeboat afloat for long enough.”

More frenzied election coverage, a cute picture of a cat in a Starbucks cup and a guest appearance on The F Word, as well as some thoughtful musing on sharing space but not time.

Personal highlight: “Out of many, we are one; while we breathe, we hope; and where we are met with cynicism and doubt and those who tell us that we can’t, we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of a people: yes, we can.” How could it be anything but Obama’s victory?

Kimire.com quote of the month:: “The other night I watched [Sex and the City] for the second time, and was struck again by the scene where Carrie and Big return to the flat they bought but, for complicated and not entirely convincing reasons, never lived in. It seemed sad and somehow eerie, as if they were glimpsing the life they never lived. The arguments they never had in the kitchen they never cooked in, or the unfeasibly profitable yet vapid articles Carrie never typed on the dining room table they never bought.”

In the post-election comedown and before the pre-Christmas windup, I was thinking about the importance of reading, making my first contribution to Salon, welcoming our eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth house viewers and reeling in astonishment when one of them actually made an offer.

Personal highlight: Barring anything especially fabulous happening in the next six hours, this month’s highlight was a relaxing and family-filled Christmas. Although this video of a kitten came a close second.

Kimire.com quote of the month: “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.”

Happy New Year, when it comes. Lang may yer lum reek.

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