If it's good enough for the Gadget Show…(2008 review part one)

In the last few days, every TV programme I’ve watched has been a compilation of the show’s “best bits” of 2008, and every newspaper I’ve picked up has been full of everything but news, packed with reviews of the year and reruns of their best articles from the last twelve months. In short, no-one is doing any real work, and frankly, why should I be any different? So here it is: 2008, as seen from the top of Mount Kimire.com.

The weather seems to have been on my mind a lot at the start of 2008, since most of my blog posts are basically complaints about the cold and the rain. I had just returned from Hogmanay on Bute, where we gatecrashed a party and got soaked on an ill-advised bike ride. I also got my flat valued for the first time, with a view to perhaps putting it on the market. £125k, trumpeted the estate agents confidently.

Personal highlight: Prompting a two-paragraph complaint from an Andrew Lloyd Webber fan after titling my review of Joseph, “Any Old Rubbish Will Do”. The commenter explained that I was wrong to criticise the show, since it was written when Lloyd Webber was only seventeen. Given that Joseph tickets are no less expensive than those for Andrew’s more recent creations, I concluded that this argument was mince.

Kimire.com quote of the month: “I was confused by the light-hearted, almost slapstick, approach to this biblical story of a boy whose brothers sold him into slavery and told his father he was dead.  “Joseph’s gone, let’s dosey-do!” just didn’t seem like the appropriate response to seeing your brother enslaved.”

This month I got lost in London, was irritated by a lift, visited the British Museum and saw Thom Yorke , pimped Ben Godwin’s new album, and found some useful instructions for behaving correctly on the internet.

Personal highlight: Coming second in a writing contest which, oddly, I didn’t blog about at the time. So as an end of year bonus, here’s my almost-winning entry.

Kimire.com quote of the month: “I didn’t know they tied fingernails on with string so they wouldn’t fall off.  But it seems to work – the mummy of an elderly woman lies silently in a glass case, stared at by thousands of people every year and still in possession of a perfect set of fingernails.”

I began March with a link to the now-infamous Sarah Silverman/Matt Damon video, which sadly now seems to have been taken down. I also live-blogged the creation of my first and, so far, only attempt at making bread – in fact it seems to have been a domestic sort of month, as pictures of home-made cakes, pies and, er, gin and tonics abounded.

Personal highlight: Celebrating International Women’s Day with an excellent Muppets video.

Kimire.com quote of the month: “I saw Matthew Bourne’s The Nutcracker yesterday. It was like a cross between a Greek tragedy, a boy band pop video and the Beauty School Dropout scene from Grease. For the avoidance of doubt, that is a very good thing.”

April saw the beginning of my ongoing Farmers’ Market photo series as well as my first encounter with both video recipes (somewhat unsatisfying) and cherry beer (enormously satisfying). It was also this month that I put my flat on the market, certain that it would sell within weeks. I had no idea what I was letting myself in for…

Personal highlight: having my very first article published on The Cud, where it generated a storm of at least one comment.

Ludicrously optimistic Kimire.com quote of the month: “So now we just need to approve the photos, stick the sign up outside, and hopefully wait for hordes of viewers to thunder through the door, driven to a frenzy by our carefully-posed “dinner for four” kitchen tableau in the brochure. It’s bound to happen that way, isn’t it?”

Our adventures in flat-selling continued, with our second and third viewers. Reality was beginning to set in, and we lowered the asking price by £5k as it became clear that the economy was not just wobbling but actively crumbling. When not fretting over house prices, I also saw the wonderful film Caramel, discovered a great Japanese restaurant, and had a fabulous day out at Go Ape.

Personal highlight: Cycling from Glasgow to Loch Lomond in beautiful sunshine, and filling my face with pie and chips when I got there.

Kimire.com quote of the month: “Yesterday we had our third viewer, who seemed interested and said she might well come back for a second viewing. I’m happy to report that I just smiled and said, “Yes, please do”, rather than whipping out my diary and forcing her to schedule an appointment there and then.”

There wasn’t a lot of sun to be seen, but there were tomatoes and lettuce in my fortnightly famers’ market pics, so it must have been summer. It was an uneasy month here in the south side of Glasgow, as the police posted at every exist of the local park served as a daily reminder of the horrible end to which one of the area’s residents had come. And in the continuing saga of the flat sale, we moved to a fixed price and welcomed our fifth and sixth viewers, one of whom broke with tradition by taking two visits to decide that he didn’t want to buy the flat, instead of the more usual one.

Personal highlight: Drinking delicious cocktails with friends before seeing Sex and the City, which I declared “surprisingly good”, though I couldn’t resist a curmudgeonly, “Maybe one day someone will even make a film about women that isn’t all about their relationships with men!”

Kimire.com quote of the month:I’ve never before seen a man rocking out in a Partick Thistle shirt, accompanied by the RSNO.”

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