No answer to questions that nobody’s asking

I started writing this ahead of the announcement that Ed Milliband had won the Labour party leadership, but I already knew one thing: the next leader would be a man. Which meant that all three of the main UK party leaders would be men, again. Of the eighteen main political leaders in the UK, just […]

What if Nick Clegg is not actually a two-faced sellout?

It’s fair to say that Nick Clegg has been getting pelters lately. From his own party, for selling out. From the opposition parties, for selling out. From hardline Tories, for not being a Tory. From the media, because the whole Bromance story was just to good to resist. But there’s a question that keeps trotting […]

Talk to me, like politicians do

I could start by acknowledging that it’s been some time since I posted, and proffering my excuses like a chastened schoolchild, but I never like it when bloggers deploy apologies like that. I find myself thinking, “I’m not your boss, I’m not paying you, why should you apologise? Especially as your lack of blogging means […]