The Effect of Theft

A very unpleasant dent to our pre-Christmas festive mood today when my partner’s beloved and much-customised mountain bike was stolen from our close. It was locked up just a few feet from our front door, and Dave was in the house at the time. Given that the thief walked past two far cheaper bikes in […]

A Very Ineffective Veto

Every relationship has rules. In our house, one of those rules is the fiancĂ©(e) veto. It is rarely used, seldom even mentioned. We tiptoe around it as though it is a large saggy-skinned elephant, tusks sharp and vicious, snorting hot clouds of breath that sinisterly surround its head. From time to time one of us, […]

In Praise of Real Journalists

Yes, I know we’ve all moved on from the strikes and are now busy being irate about Jeremy Clarkson, but I don’t care. I’m still hung up on Leveson. The trickle of witness statements has become a torrent, describing sickening actions by journalists determined to con both themselves and their readers into believing they occupied […]