State control of the media? Not really…

I have been mulling over what I wanted to say about Leveson all weekend. And there has been no shorter of material to provoke my pondering. We have Dan Hodgson in The Times, arguing that Leveson will lead inevitably to the imprisonment of newspaper editors. We have Euan McColm in the Scotsman, putting the case […]

Clegg’s Unlikely Revolution

Hands up if you think Nick Clegg will still have a serious political career in five years time. All those tittering that he doesn’t exactly have a serious political career now, sit down and behave. We know Clegg is almost certainly bound for the political version of the Smash Hits pop dumper. But he may […]

Abortion and Independence

The sun is shining, but this is not a beautiful day. The news that Health Secretary Alex Neil wants to reduce the time limit for abortion in an independent Scotland has left me feeling angry, frightened and unsettled. He told Scotland on Sunday, “I do think there is now a case, given the state of […]