Independence debate is thus far pointless

We are a nation deciding its destiny. In the next few years, we could choose to start afresh, to be a state that is born again. Or we could decide to renegotiate the very settlement that governs us, that shapes our structures and directs our taxes. These are truly invigorating times. And what are we focusing on?

A website. A bunch of (mostly) blokes, standing about in a cinema. A couple of actors who may or may not live permanently in Scotland.

Should the Yes Scotland website have shown the names of those who’d signed? Was the launch glitzy, inspiring, provocative enough? Where, we apparently hunger to know, does Brian Cox actually live?

Bollocks. These are not the questions that I or, I suspect, most people actually give a toss about. They are most certainly not the questions to which I will seek answers in deciding how to cast my referendum vote.

Would we be a low-tax or a high-tax society? Would we prioritise education, business, or the environment? With which foreign nations would we develop stronger relations? What would our currency be? (I really am quite anxious to know the answer to that one).

Those are just a few of the questions that we are not asking. This is not a game. We are a nation deciding its destiny, and right now we’re treating it with all the solemnity of a choice between two flavours of crisps.

This chance may never come again. Pull your socks up, Scotland, and start asking some serious questions.

2 thoughts on “Independence debate is thus far pointless

  1. The ethical basis underpinning the campaign is quite important though. Harvesting my Twitter data, putting my photo on the front of a website under a banner which implies my support for something I oppose is not good.

    Yes, there are a huge range of things we need to get out there and talk about, especially women, but this had to be addressed to. And if the Yes Campaign had not been so devious, I would not have had to put my time and effort into standing up to them and saying no, you may not do that with me.

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