Glasgow Factoring Commission’s Stairheid Rammy

It is perhaps appropriate that a consultation event on property factoring in Glasgow should resemble nothing so much as a stairheid rammy. I went along out of a sense of duty: since I’d had several Shoogly whinges about factors, I thought I ought to turn up and make my voice heard when the opportunity was […]

Rebuilding Glasgow’s Primary Schools

It has been quite a while since I checked in with Glasgow City Council to see how they’re getting on with their 100 pledges. One of the vows which caught my eye was the bold statement,“Labour will rebuild or refurbish your local primary school”. I wondered about the necessity of this pledge when I first […]

Women for Independence. And Patrick Swayze.

“Quite the little joiner, aren’t we?” It’s a line that Baby’s sister Lisa says to her in the adolescence-defining film Dirty Dancing. She’s not admiring Baby’s handiwork in the shelving department – instead, she’s mocking her willingness to join every group going at their holiday camp. Of course, we the viewers know that Baby is […]