On becoming a magician

I’ve never been good at magic tricks. I haven’t the patience to learn: the constant repetition, perfecting each sleight of hand, seems like far too much bother. Even the magic sets you get in crackers are too complicated for me: especially when I could be tucking into mince pies and Bailey’s instead. No, I am […]

Scottish Book Week

Recently, my brother sent me some photos of us when we were small. I loved looking through them, but seeing my six-year-old self was an odd experience. That smiling, goofy, posturing child with wispy hair, long white socks and much-loved Snoopy sunglasses has little in common with me. I spend my days looking after my […]

The End of Summer

The sun shone and the sky sparkled. It was the first day of spring and you lay in my arms, perfect and beautiful. I don’t remember whether you cried. I know your dad and I did. Since that unforgettable March afternoon we have been on a glorious adventure together, you and I. I have watched […]