Little Pigs

It has been almost twenty-five years since I ate meat. At the age of fourteen, I became aware of the industrialised and inhumane processes involved in rearing and dispatch animals intended for human consumption, and I chose to opt out. However, there are a lot of others who are unlikely ever to give up eating […]

Dear Nicola…

…it’s been a long day. I hope by now you’ve got your feet up, slippers on and a Hob-Nob or two within reach. But while you’re having a well-deserved seat, could I draw something to your attention? I’ll be as quick as I can. It’s about this childcare business. It’s come up already, in your […]

Changing Fear

From time to time, I submit personal essays to magazines. Sometimes they publish them, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes, when they don’t, I’m left with an essay that was of a particular time and can’t be resubmitted elsewhere. This is one of those essays. I wrote it in February 2013 when I was extremely pregnant but […]