Scotland’s brief summer

I walked down the stairs in our close this morning feeling flat, empty and disbelieving. Less than ten hours beforehand, I’d sprinted up them, draped in a too-large Yes T-shirt, having spent the evening knocking on the doors of excited Yes voters to check they had been to the polls. What had then seemed possible […]

The night before the dawn

I’ve never been married. But tonight I feel like a bride the night before her wedding. I’m excited about the day ahead, and the possibilities that may come afterwards. I’m anxious, in case it all goes wrong. I can’t sit still, but there doesn’t seem to be any one thing I should be doing. There’s […]

Scotland’s Most Wanted: 10 days to go

Sometimes I wish I’d had a classical education.  I envy those who can, at any given moment, reach for a tale from Greek mythology or Roman legend to illustrate whatever point they are endeavouring to make. Alas, I can do no such thing. Instead, my default is to turn to pop music when I need […]