Thank you, science

I love graveyards. I’m not ghoulish, I just love the stories that cemeteries tell. Gravestones encapsulated brevity long before Twitter. A birthdate, a date of death, some family members and maybe a religious quote. And that’s it: a whole life, summarised. Our new house is near a large cemetery and I often walk through it […]

Six Weeks Old

Dear Kirsty Yesterday I carried you from our holiday cottage to the duck pond. You rested your bent elbow on my shoulder, making a pillow for your head as you slept. It was a pose utterly reminiscent of your big sister when she was a baby. And in these early days, when all you do […]


Boldface. I have recently discovered the expression. It’s used by pilots to describe the things they most need to know: the procedures to be followed in an emergency. These directives are literally written in bold and are non-negotiable. You learn them, you follow them, or you’re probably going to die. Death is not normally a […]