Goodbye to all that

We sat together in the sunshine, me on the grass, you in your buggy, watching the office workers sweat in their shirts. We did not sweat, for we were not in a hurry. We were just spending time together, you and me, little Kirsty, with not much of anything to do, and all the time […]

On learning to drive

I didn’t drive for more than ten years after passing my test. Driving combined all of my fears. It was public – you cannot drive without encountering others. It involved judgment – everybody thinks they are a great driver, so everybody feels free to beep and gesticulate if they think you’re getting it wrong. And […]

Santa’s Surveillance is Legally Shonky

“He behaves so much better at this time of year”, confided the friendly mum at toddler group. “Every time he’s disobedient, I tell him Santa is watching, and he stops it straightaway”. I nodded, but her story made me sad. When I was a child, Santa was a twinkly-eyed superhero, a bearded wonder who sped […]