Why the SNP should listen to Paul McCartney

I’ve been thinking a lot today about the SNP’s next steps, and I think Paul McCartney has the answer. I don’t imagine Nicola Sturgeon has considered consulting the former Beatle’s songbook for political guidance, but if she did, she’d find his song, Hope of Deliverance, pretty much sums it up. Not the catchy backing refrain […]

Never mind the BBC debates, here’s local democracy

I could have stayed in and watched the Challenger debates, but instead I decided to go to one where the incumbent would actually bother to turn up. And I’m sure he’s glad he did, since there was easily over a hundred people in Glasgow South’s beautiful Langside Church. Local democracy may be in trouble elsewhere, […]

Did the TV debates spell the end for First Past the Post?

If anyone doubted that Nicola Sturgeon performed well in Thursday night’s debates, the Telegraph’s sudden (and seemingly inaccurate) attack on her confirms it – you know you’re a threat when the Tories’ traditional attack dog starts nipping at your ankles. But she wasn’t the only one who came out well. Leanne Wood directed a credible […]