Goodbye to all that

We sat together in the sunshine, me on the grass, you in your buggy, watching the office workers sweat in their shirts. We did not sweat, for we were not in a hurry. We were just spending time together, you and me, little Kirsty, with not much of anything to do, and all the time […]

Thank you, science

I love graveyards. I’m not ghoulish, I just love the stories that cemeteries tell. Gravestones encapsulated brevity long before Twitter. A birthdate, a date of death, some family members and maybe a religious quote. And that’s it: a whole life, summarised. Our new house is near a large cemetery and I often walk through it […]

Six Weeks Old

Dear Kirsty Yesterday I carried you from our holiday cottage to the duck pond. You rested your bent elbow on my shoulder, making a pillow for your head as you slept. It was a pose utterly reminiscent of your big sister when she was a baby. And in these early days, when all you do […]