Published Work

Sanrinsha  – Hippocampus December 2014

This is about my 2011 trip to Japan, not long after the tsunami had caused terrible damage to a nuclear plant in the north of the country. I have been reading Hippocampus for quite a while and have submitted unsuccessfully several times, so I was really happy that they published this.

A Local Shop for Local People – Contributoria March 2014

A factual piece about a social enterprise in Glasgow that’s trying to help people eat more local food and is running all kinds of unusual initiatives in pursuit of their goal. Contributoria is itself a new and interesting business model for funding journalism, so it seemed like a good fit for the article.

Shame – Winner, University of Glasgow Narrative Nonfiction Contest November 2013

This essay about an unexpected encounter won the University of Glasgow’s inaugural Narrative Nonfiction Contest, which asked writers to take a piece of academic research as their inspiration. My piece was prompted by research into alcohol-related brain damage.

Put a Head on it – The Magazine November 2013 (subscription required)

A fun piece about craft brewing on both a commercial and an amateur scale for the sadly now deceased online publication, The Magazine.

The Pyjama Genie – Treasures, Scottish Book Trust November 2013

This was published in the Scottish Book Trust’s Treasures anthology, all about the everyday and not-so-everyday objects that we cherish. I wrote about a pair of pyjamas.

The Paste-Up - The Magazine, July 2013 (subscription required)

A reflection on the changing printing industry, prompted by my memories of my mum’s DIY magazine production and my dad’s hardcore apprenticeship as a compositor.

The Desk Tidy – Oh Comely, January 2013

A funny (for others) and mortifying (for me) confession about a terrible thing I once did at work.

Longmans English Larousse – The Book That Changed My Life, Scottish Book Trust 2010

This short piece about the role of a particular reference book in my family’s daily life was selected for the Scottish Book Trust’s 2010 anthology, The Book That Changed My Life.

Frae Morning Sun Till Dine – Days Like This, Scottish Book Trust 2009

An affectionate recollection of Hogmanays gone by, which I was invited to read on BBC Radio Scotland as part of the Scottish Book Trust’s 2009 Days Like This initiative (I was told off quite firmly for calling it a competition).

Beyond Boob Jobs - The F Word November 2008

A feature for feminist blog The F Word on the impact of the credit crunch on women. Evidence that I do occasionally write things that are really rather serious.

For Sale – The Cud April 2008

On the frustrations of the whole world having become a marketplace.

It’s Only Words – The Cud December 2007

A brief consideration of the unfathomable fact that some people don’t listen to lyrics.









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