Santa’s Surveillance is Legally Shonky

“He behaves so much better at this time of year”, confided the friendly mum at toddler group. “Every time he’s disobedient, I tell him Santa is watching, and he stops it straightaway”. I nodded, but her story made me sad. When I was a child, Santa was a twinkly-eyed superhero, a bearded wonder who sped […]

Six Weeks Old

Dear Kirsty Yesterday I carried you from our holiday cottage to the duck pond. You rested your bent elbow on my shoulder, making a pillow for your head as you slept. It was a pose utterly reminiscent of your big sister when she was a baby. And in these early days, when all you do […]

Letting go of judgment

The woman didn’t say anything. She didn’t have to. She just stood at the edge of the pavement, blocking my daughter’s path into the road, as I careered around the corner wielding an out-of-control buggy and shouting, “Eilidh! Christ, slow down!” I grabbed Eilidh’s hand, took a deep breath and smiled at the woman. “Sorry. […]